About Us


To provide the best quality products at competitive prices and meet the needs and demands of our customers.


To be the leading general trading group in the MENA region.

General Trading Concept

– Trading arm for the group’s manufacturing facility. The company trades primary in the items produced by the factories within the group.

– Allows the company to offer grater value to its customer by having better control on supply chain and flexibility in its offering

– The company offers flexibility to its customers to choose from different packaging and multiple product categories with relatively fast delivery.

– The company is able to adopt to customer’s customized requirement faster than any other trading company having the support of multiple production facilities within the UAE.

– The company allows the customers to buy less quantities of wide range of items and packaging which are produced from different factories from one source (from one supplier). This gives competitive edge to customers and saves them cost and time. Instead of buying big quantities of products from multiple factories in different countries and require larger storage facilities and more liquidity. Now the customers can save by using less

– Products offered by the company has the following advantages:

Fresher products. New productions dates

Doesn’t require customers to store large quantities of the products. Saving on storage space, logistics, working capital

Choose from wide range of products from one supplier. The customers could buy Tahina, Halawa in different variety, hazelnut and sesame chocolate spreads , EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, pomace olive oil, refined oils blends with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, olive oil with balsamic vinegar. And after the expansion with increased range of products, the items may expand to include, almond butter and other nut butters, wide variety of syrups (pan cake syrup, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup), breadsticks with dips, sesame virgin oil, almost virgin oil, coconut oil, almond milk, oat milk, wide range of juices, and ready meal (hummus and soups)

Choosing from multiple packaging and customized requirements as per their market needs. This includes retail sizes, HORECA sizes, bulk sizes. whether in plastic, tins, glass, sachet.

Offers private labels (white label, contract manufacturing) to customers with their customized requirement when meeting the company’s requirements including minimum order requirement


  • When meeting minimum order quantity for certain items, customers can request private label of some of the items produced in the group’s factories in the packaging of their choosing with their customized requirements in a speed and convenience unparalleled by other trading companies.
  • The company established in 2008, and services a wide network of large retailers, renowned players (customers) in the HORECA sector, a trusted supplier to many traders and wholesalers. The company also supplier raw materials to local manufacturing facilities
  • The company values and relies on competent, experienced, and energetic team members across all of the company’s departments and are the driver behind the company’s success.
  • creates an environment where people can grow, learn, and achieve professional development
  • achieve excellence and quality in what we do and what we offer
  • The Values that drive our business; diversity, integrity, synergy, and quality and leadership