Olive Oil

General Trading Concept backboned by Mawarid Foodstuff Industry which  is the largest specialized olive oil bottling plant in UAE. The factory has a storage capacity of about 500 tons dedicated entirely for olive oil production. In addition, the unit runs a state of art storing, filtering, and bottling facility with a special focus on automation and hygiene assuring quality products.

Why Us…

The answer is simple…Freedom. The freedom to choose the grade of olive oil (i.e Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Oil blends), the freedom to choose the origin of olive oil (Syrian or Spanish), and the freedom to choose from a range of packaging available that suits each market. The factory procures the best qualities of extra virgin and virgin olive oil from multiple origins through partnership and exclusivity agreements with olive farmers. The company is also specialized in refined olive oil especially olive pomace oil with the ability and flexibility of selecting from different taste profile to suit the customers need. The factory operated and advanced bottling setup with the capability of filling from 20ml up to 24 tons.



It is an oil squeezed from the freshest and most premium olive fruits and a result of a cold first press. The extraction avoids the heat and any chemical treatment.

It has a uniquely complex flavor and aroma profile such as nuttiness, fruitiness, spices.

Its exquisite characteristics make it and perfect companion to raw and premium food, dressing, salads, topping, and many more.

Natural source of antioxidants and phenols, healthy fat, and omega 6.

It is a freshly squeezed juice of olive fruit, processed using mechanical methods only.

It has a milder taste than the Extra virgin but packs many amazing benefits.

Considered an essential ingredient in Arabic mezze, hummus, Baba ghanouj, and other fragrant flavorful dishes.

It is an extraction from the olive pulp after the first press.

Then, The oil is blended with virgin olive oil to give a light olive oil flavour and aroma.

It has good high heat resistance, thus, making it suitable for frying and cooking.

Premium Refined oil blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Enhancing the characteristics of the oil giving it a mild olive oil taste.

It is considered a choice for those who want a light olive oil aroma or flavor in their everyday use of vegetable oil.


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