The factory has grown to become the largest manufacturer of Tahina and Halawa in the UAE and among  the well-reputed in the Gulf region (GCC)

AL AMEERA FOODSTUFF INDUSTRIES was established in 2006 as a specialized manufacturer of Tahina and Halawa in the UAE. Since the beginning, the company’s main focus was to produce superior products to what has been offered in the market. Thus, early on, special attention was given to produce quality products while preserving the their authentic taste. since then, the factory has grown to become the largest manufacturer of Tahina and Halawa in the UAE and among the well-reputed in the Gulf region (GCC). Al Ameera Foodstuff continues to expand its operations to include more products in the organic development of the existing range that is in line with the company vision.

Today, Al Ameera has a wide presence in the local market backed by a strong distribution channel and delivery fleet. The brand is available in most of the modern and traditional trade with good consumer awareness. The products are also positioned as the first choice in the HORECA sector with strong distribution to many of the high end restaurants and 5 stars hotels. In addition, the factory contract manufactures many private label in the market which significantly expands the company market share in this product category.

Internationally, and with the partnership and support of our agents we are present in over 25 countries. Some of those countries are: Jordan, Morocco, United Kingdom, India, Australia.




The versatile condiment that’s nutty and creamy yet has no diary or technical nuts. Tahina has been a staple in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine for millennia.



traditional and healthy confectionery, made mainly from sesame seeds paste. It comes in 3 variations, flavored with vanilla, or bits of pistachio, or with chocolate swirls.


From the fertile land of the Mediterranean, Al Ameera brings only the finest of olive oil drops to bole it under its Label



Perfectly balanced combination of milk, chocolate, with tasty hazelnuts, creating a  deliciously rich, nutty and creamy hazelnut chocolate spread. with its authentic flavor


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